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Kat May, Ink.

Persuasive and Technical Writing
Editing, Graphic Design and Publishing
Kat May Ink






  • Technical and Persuasive Writing

  • Editing and Formatting

  • Graphic Design

  • Content Development

  • Research and Business Intelligence

  • Writing Instruction and Tutoring

  • Digital Publishing

  • Business Communications

  • Marketing Communications

  • Web Content

  • Grant Proposals

  • Fundraising Appeals

My rates are competitive with other industry professionals. I offer hourly, by word, and project rates. For longer projects, I will provide a proposal.

I offer discounted rates for nonprofits and startups.




    Hi, I'm Kathleen. Most people know me as "Kat." 

    As a writer and editor, I adjust my style to align with the subject I’m covering or the brand or person I'm representing. Generally, my intent is to influence the reader to take some kind of action or to learn something new.


    Writing for business, nonprofits or individuals is entirely about serving the intentions and expectations of my clients. I want to communicate my client's voice, mission and message through my writing and editing work. It is never about me. It is always about you and the people you want to reach, teach, or tell your story.


    I have been writing for business for nearly twenty years.  My client companies have been big and small - and from a diversity of industries. I've helped a lot of startups craft their messaging, developed content for their blogs, and managed their social media, PR, advertising, and fundraising communications.  


    I've managed several nonprofits in my career and raised over $28 million in grant funding as a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) and Executive Director. Having that background gives me valuable insight when I write fundraising campaign materials and appeal letters. Trust me. I know your pain and your joys. 


    Beyond simply hammering out words that read nicely together in a sentence, I explore the vision of what needs to be conveyed. I write to persuade or convince people to act - whether by downloading and rating your app, joining a community movement, donating money to your cause, volunteering their skills for your program, or buying a product from your e-commerce site.

    As a Technical Writer, I fully immerse myself in the topic - whether in technology, science, engineering, or futurism. My goal is to comprehend the subject, especially as a layperson, so that I can translate complex systems and concepts into understandable and actionable language for your targeted readership.


    I've earned a BEd in K-8 education and a BA in English and writing. I'm also a Certified Professional Technical Writer (University of Washington). This combination of education and experience has created a perfect transition into Instructional Design and Curriculum Development. I create online e-learning courses as well as classroom training programs for executive teams, boards, volunteers, project teams, client and customer learning and on-boarding programs. I also put together a pretty mean presentation deck.

    I have over 20 years experience as a graphic designer and photographer. I paint, kayak, ride my mountain bike, cook elaborate meals, and I love to take my 2 dogs and husband on a good hike. Ironically, I don't have a cat. It has become a running joke.


    My creative self tunes well to human-centered principles and practices. I especially love great architecture, smart, livable, walkable and affordable community planning projects, energy smart cars, green-built homes, parks and open space projects that provide community hubs, and pretty much everything else that sets out to preserve and improve our ecosystems and our environment. I'm a strong advocate for socially conscious business practices because they are  highly profitable, while giving back to their communities. 

    Now that you know a little more about me, please see my Portfolio for work samples. I add new samples, as available.


    If you need to see something that isn't in my portfolio, just ask. I may have experience with your type of project. Owing to client NDAs and regulated industry rules, I can't publicly share everything I've created. I invite you to CONTACT ME for more information if you have project questions or would like a project quote. 

    Thanks. I really look forward to hearing from you!





 Sample Clientele

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Keish Environmental logo
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Client samples include some for which Kat May, Ink acted as subcontractor. This is not a complete client list.

"As an Agency partner, Kathleen brought creative, deep knowledge to a project and was results oriented. She was easy to work with and a great professional partner."  
- L. Mutert, CPA MBA , H&R Block HQ


"Kat is high-energy, focused on results, and a pleasure to work with. I had the opportunity to collaborate with her on a project for a mutual client where she exceeded expectations. She was awesome with website strategy, content, conversion strategy, and messaging for our client. Kat is warm, fun, and supportive of the startup and entrepreneurial communities." 
-T. Williams, Baumhaur Group & House of Genius, Inc. / now Jack.TV



"Kat was able to see our business from 10,000 feet while thinking strategically and then implement practices tactically from the ground level. It was impressive."
- D. Rossi, Northwest Entrepreneur Network/ now Geekwire


"Kathleen is a creative visionary and reliable leader in resource development. She has the ability to build relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds, speak and write persuasively, and construct efficient systems in complex situations."
- J. Kostka, Mercy Housing, Inc./ now National Jewish Health





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