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Guidebook: Buying Buildable Land

This guidebook was developed for architects, contractors, developers, lenders and Realtors who want to attract potential land buyers interested in building their own custom homes. It helps potential land buyers understand the process and opportunities for buying buildable land, and working with professionals to design and build a custom home.

Mobile App Explainer Video

This is an explainer video I created for my client intended to guide new users through setting up and using the Pijons mobile scheduling and calendar app. 

New User Onboarding Guide for PaaS Product

Pijons is a cloud-based, calendar scheduling and reminder application created primarily for small business owners and consultants. In addition to creating marketing messaging and email newsletters, I created this new user onboarding email for people who sign up for a Pijons account. All outbound links have been disabled.

Ice Arena Feasibility Study

This feasibility study was a project I executed in collaboration with the [then] Breckenridge, Colorado Parks & Recreation Director. My employing Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design firm (in Boulder, CO) was hired by the Town of Breckenridge to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study required for them make a determination on the fate of an existing, outdoor arena. I conducted the study over a 45-day period, wrote the report and presented it to the Breckenridge Town Council, which later voted to build a new ice arena, based on the outcomes of the study and my report.


I've included several pages of the final report as a work sample here. Please keep in mind that this is a 22-page report, which is only partially represented here.Identifying and confidential information has been removed.

Urban Revitalization Plan for USA HUD

This 10-page sample of a full revitalization plan (43 pages) submitted to HUD USA was designed in Quark XPress and professionally printed and bound. What you see here is a scan of a printed copy. The scanned quality is not ideal, but it demonstrates some of the more extensive technical work that I have done for architectural and engineering firms. I did not produce the renderings, but I did have to edit many in Photoshop. I now produce lengthy, image-rich documents like this is Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

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